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The encounters you are about to read have been sent to me through the actual names listed. Please DO NOT take these without permission.Credit is given to these people in the credits section.

If you would like to send in and share your encounter just click contacts and send me an email with your encounter and pictures if any.

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I was fortune enough to meet JC for the very first time last year in April. It was when he did his back to back shows at the House of Blues at the Sunset Strip in LA. It was during a meet and greet from the fan club. He was soo awesome!!!

Jessica Dickson

Jc and Jessica


Well I haven't really MET Lance Bass, however, last year at CFTC, I did have a close encounter.
My husband and I choose to stay at the Official Hotel for CFTC and had met up with two new friends (Heather and Angie) who were going to give us a ride to the Basketball game on Sunday.
It was Saturday afternoon and we decided to go down by the pool to sit and have a drink with the girls when my husband spotted first Chris, then Joey and last of all Lance. We were able to get autographs and pics with Joey and jumped up as soon as we saw Lance coming.
He was with his Mom, and Jennifer (can't remember her last name, girlfriend last year) and another guy. Anyway, his bodyguard stated very plainly that Lance was there to have lunch with his family and would not be signing any autographs or posing for pictures.
So we sat back down at our table and had the pleasure of Lance walking around our table and sitting at the table behind us. Unfortunately, I had the WORST seat of all because my back was to him. My husband, Angie and Heather had great seats because he was seated right behind me so by talking to ME they could see Lance and not even look like they were staring at him.
I was bummed but still excited to be that close to my fav.
We took some pictures but they didnít come out very clear at all. The camera had been in the hotel in the cool air conditioned air and then we were outside in the humidity so the lens was fogged up. But let me tell you, photos do not do the man JUSTICE.
I can't go to CFTC this year, but someday I WILL get the chance to meet him. I've been up close to him and I just know eventually I'll meet him and I can't wait.
So anyway that's my story....not anything special....except maybe to me.