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This page was created so that people can be properly credited for the contents of this website.
First though i would like to thank my friend Rosa for stepping up to the plate and making
this happen and working with me and teaching me this whole deal as well as putting the site together.
I'd also like to thank my friends and anyone that i will befriend for
your support and for just being there when i need you most. ~ Site host ~ Jc's Bio inspiration, JC Leather and Silver car picture ~ Lance's Bio ~ Lances Bio ~ Lance I Drive Myself Crazy screencap, JC, I Drive Myself Crazy screencap ~ Lance Beach Pictures ~ Lance Wav Let's Get It On from Snowed In ~ Lance Sign Your Name On My Heart Wallpaper ~ JC Digital Getdown Animation ~ Slambook
Karen ~ JC and Lance Voice Mails
Laura~Lance Pictures (black and white striped suit with white shirt)
Jessie ~ JC Pics (see through shirt, shirtless)
Kristina ~ Jc Pics (laid back and suited up)
Meg ~ Lance Pic (Mesmerizing Eyes) 7 Lance and Jc photos
Liz~JcMakinLove Picture
DubCGigglez~Seventeen Photoshoot pics in Just The Two Of Us
Criss Jc Source Messageboard~Lance Popsicle Photo
Jess~3 Wallpapers 2 Lance 1 Jc
Jess~11 Wallpapers 7 Jc and 4 Lance
Susie BuildMyWorldOnNSync Yahoo Group Jc on Britneys Chaotic screencaps and LanceJcDisneyConcert1&2
Jessica Dickson~ Jc Encounter
Janet~Lance Encounter
SchizoJc on JJB~1 Lance In La picture 2 Sex(5)@Sex Premiere Pics Four Pictures from Mtv Movie Awards Taping on June 4th.Located in News Photos! 5-10 Pictures from Mtv Movie Awards Taping on June 4th. Located in News Photos!
If you would like to be credited for any media or files located within this site,
or know someone or site that should be credited, please feel free to contact the site owner.

This page is not endorsed by or associated with JC Chasez, Lance Bass, *NSync, or Jive records in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.
I don't know JC or LB, never met them. Just think they're cool guys.
All graphics and media are sole property of their respective owners.
Copyright � 2B2G, 2005.