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Lance Bass

Birthname: James Lance Bass
Birthdate: May 4, 1979 (25, soon to be 26) for the mathematically challenged)
Starsign: Taurus
Hair: Blonde, Dirty's all still blonde
Eyes: 2 - both green
Height: 5'11" (Five feet, eleven inches)
Weight: 155 lbs. (155 pounds)
Birthplace/Childhood Residence: Laurel, MS; Clinton, MS
Current Residence: Last known to be Las Vegas, NV (Viva Las Vegas!)
Parents: Well, he wouldn't be here w/o them - Mom, Diane; Dad, Jim
Siblings: Aka, brothers and sisters - Sister, Stacey (brother-in-law, Ford)
Other Family:Niece, Leyton; GodDaughter, Briahna (former bandmate, Joey Fatone's daughter)

His Story:

Lance began his journey to fame by entertaining his family
members as well as joining the community choir.
After a year Lance joined the Mississippi Showstoppers.
After that was a choir group Attache, that successfully toured
throughout the US.
Lance was finishing school and had just been
accepted to the University of Nebraska when
he had gotten the call from shared vocal coach of
Justin Timberlake, who Lance had only known through
television (JT and JC were on the Mickey Mouse Club).
Fighting skepticism from Lance's mother, the coach
convinced her to allow Lance to try out for the group.
So Lance flew down to Orlando, tried out, and made it, and
immediately clicked with the other members.
Successful albums and tours followed with numerous
appearances and photos.

After NSync decided on a break Lance tried his luck
with fulfilling his dream of going into space.
Though his first attempt proved unsuccessful,
Lance still refuses to give up hope.
In the meanwhille, Lance can be seen occassionally,
in the spotlight, at clubs, even at Wrestlemania.

LB in the sand

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